In the hamlet of Antia in Southern Evia, the villagers have inherited from their ancestors a whistling way of communication, which originated as a way of messaging across mountains. This fascinating language also known as Whistles is a whistling technique that can enunciate any word in any vocabulary in the world. In a broader context, the Antia whistling language is very similar to other whistling communication techniques existing in Turkey, The Pyrenees Mountains, Morocco and the Canary islands. The preservers of this tradition organize meetings and festivals regularly to keep the whistling languages alive.

forever (2015) is a sound installation using the whistling tongue to narrate a dialogue from Borges’ short story Ulrikke, addressing the issue of loss through oblivion.

forever was commissioned by the NEON foundation and the Athens Epidaurus Festival in conjunction to the exhibition Renaissance Stories, curated by Dimitris Paleocrasas.